Handwoven Herringbone Basalt Placemat – All Wool 1411


Handwoven Herringbone Black Placemat – All_Wool

  • Placemat handwoven in charcoal black and  natural wool.
  • Mid-Century Modern inspired.
  • Robust hand knitting yarn.
  • We use 100% ethically sourced Canadian wool spun in Canada.
  • Handmade in Nova Scotia, Canada by Todwick Studios.

Product Description

Handwoven Herringbone Basalt Placemat – All Wool 1411

  • Inspired by mid-century modern decor, our current offering is a Handwoven Herringbone Basalt Placemat -All Wool.
  • The colour of the volcanic rock Basalt is the inspiration for the name of this charcoal black  colour way.
  • Creatively woven together with an un-dyed natural yarn,  this colour way makes a bold statement. Therefore, why not make a stunning home improvement, include this  unique black herringbone placemat on your furniture, kitchen, dining and patio.
Basalt, Flint and Ash Placemats
Basalt, Flint, and Ash Placemats

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