Knitted Floral Cushion CW6005 – All Wool Cover


  • Knitted Floral Cushion CW6005- All Wool Cover.
  • ColourWay 6005 (CW6005) is a juxtaposition of Turquoise and Tourmaline.
  • Cushion knitted in two-toned blue/green hand-dyed wool.
  • We use 100% ethically sourced Canadian wool spun in Canada.
  • Handmade in Nova Scotia, Canada by Nutbar Knits.
  • Insert sold separately
  • Sizes available 12″ x 18″ (lumbar), 14″ square, 16″ square, 18″ square, 20″ square

Product Description

Knitted Floral Cushion CW6005 – All Wool Cover

  • The Knitted Floral Cushion CW6005- All Wool Cover is our current offering, hand crafted in two-toned blue/green hand-dyed wool.
  • ColourWay 6005 (CW6005) is a juxtaposition of Turquoise and Tourmaline.
  • The Semi-precious minerals Turquoise and Tourmaline, as the names suggests , are the inspiration for the colour names of this blue/green colour way.
  • Creatively knit together  hand-dyed yarns,  this colour way makes a bold statement. Therefore, why not make a stunning addition to your living room, include this unique blue/green cushion in your decor.

100% Canadian Wool


  • Our knitting team member, Nutbar Knits, hand makes this unique cushion cover locally in Nova Scotia, Canada. Knit using tactile, Canadian wool, this knitted, Turquoise/Tourmaline Floral cushion is a general favourite.
  • This comfortable cushion, all wool knitted, is environmentally friendly. Natural wool is a sustainable fibre. Farmers and ranchers shear their sheep  at least annually as their fleece doesn’t shed, since, without this regular shearing the fleece overgrows potentially harming the sheep.
  • The yarn chosen to craft our pillows , a robust hand knitting yarn, will provide years of wear and enjoyment. Unlike the more common merino these yarns have more body and a firmer hand. Therefore, our local hand-knitters favour this sturdy Canadian yarn spun in Atlantic Canada for knitting outdoor wear, likewise, we prefer this yarn for our Knitted Floral Cushion CW6005 – All Wool Cover.
  • And for those customers who are concerned about happy sheep, as are we, it is 100% ethically sourced Canadian wool! We are fortunate in Canada. We don’t need the harsh methods sometimes needed elsewhere to keep their sheep healthy.

Easy Care Wool

  • Wool is easy care with the right washing techniques and mild soap or detergent. We recommend mild products such as Eucalan.
  • The technique for washing wool is very simple.
  • Firstly, soak your cushion cover in cool water with a little soap.
  • Next squeeze out the excess water, don’t wring, then roll in a towel or spin dry in your washer.
  • Lastly, lay flat until dry.
  • Enjoy!

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