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From their site:

Colonial Persian Yarn is produced by the original spinner of Paternayan Persian Yarn, using the same proprietary process. The yarn is spun from 100% long-staple virgin wool with extraordinary strength for no fraying or breaking during stitching. This versatile, mothproof, 3-ply yarn is perfect for heirloom-quality needlepoint, crewel, cross-stitch and more.

Colonial Persian Yarn is made exclusively for, and distributed by, Colonial Needle Company to wholesale customers only. Find Colonial Persian Yarn at local shops and online stores.

We do not currently have a color card for our Colonial Persian Yarn, but will have one created as soon as we finalize the number of colors that will be offered in the line. If you do have an old green JCA/Paternayan color card, you can use that to match our color offering—the ‘CP’ in our color number signifies ‘Colonial Persian,’ the ‘1’ is a place holder, then the following three digits will match the old JCA color card. At the end of our numbering system is either ‘-4’ for quarter pound hanks, or ‘-1’ for 8 yard cards.

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Colonial Persian Yarn/Paternayan Comparison Chart