Hand-Weavers and Knitters of Hand-Dyed Wool

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Knitters and Weavers

We’re hand weavers and knitters! Furthermore, we use hand-dyed wool to creatively enhance our hand-crafted fabrics!

Do you desire beautiful handwoven or unique knitted furnishings? Is the right colour incredibly hard to find? Do you have to settle for just-about-good-enough instead of perfect. Well that is not bad news, it’s good news, because you have finally arrived at the right online store, Caledonia Fibre Co.

We, at Caledonia Fibre, specialize in unique home textiles for the tactile home.The foundation of our fabrics are the robust woolen hand-knitting yarns spun in Atlantic Canada. Fabrics made from these yarns will stand up to the rigors of daily use and provide years of visual enjoyment.

Hand-Dyed Wool

We curate our colours using local custom hand-dyers to transform this natural yarn into exquisitely coloured wool. These colours bring this lovely yarn to life. These vibrant hues will delight your senses and the neutral greys and charcoal black we use will calm them. Our skillful hand weavers and knitters then turn these colourful fibres into handwoven and knitted textiles just for you.

Cushions for your Tactile Home

We create our beautiful cushions from unique knitted textiles. These cushions are an elegant combination of patterned front and rib knit fabric back. The backs are prominent knit and purl stitches or double knit fabric, while the fronts are two toned colour-work.

The fabric for these cushions is made by traditional weft knitting not a warp knit. Also, these are not flimsy jersey knit fabrics or french terry but are made with a robust stitch, knitting together a truly tactile fabric. They are loved by all, both men and women.

Wool Table Linens, No Less!

Our hand weavers create our stunning table linens from woven fabric using traditional weaves.

These weaves enhance the hand-dyed wool predominantly used. The nature of the weave allows both sides of the fabric to be used alternatively. Each weaving project is set-up on a limited length warp so each artisan home placemat is truly unique.

Hand crafted by Artisans

So, if this intrigues you, take the time, and stop by Caledonia Fibre Co for a little while. Visit in our online shop, …we are certain you’ll be extremely pleased…, and if you continue to use our site we will assume you are. You’ll be sorely tempted when you see the amazing things handmade by our artisans.

We want your experience on our website to be more enticing, so we don’t necessarily assume that you are happy with our offerings. If your ideal colour is not in our palette, contact us. We use hand-dyed wool, perhaps our dyers can colour match your swatch at a small additional cost. In addition we have a free shipping policy to make your shopping with us easier.

So stop by now and continue to use our site, its unique wares are ready for you to take home today…

And Who are We?

So who are these talented hand-weavers and knitters? We are a mother and daughter team living in Nova Scotia, Canada. We both have our own studios, Nutbar Knits and Todwick Studios, respectively.